It all began in a small town in Sweden...

Born and raised in Strömsholm, Sweden, Executive Chef Nicklas Frölander's passion for food started in his mother's and grandmother's kitchens, where they taught him how to make homemade cinnamon rolls and dill stewed meat, Chicken dumpling soup.


When he was just 10 years old, he got his first job in a family friend's bed & breakfast. There, his love for pastry making grew. After high school he entered Wennströmska Skolan pastry school and then Virginska Hotel Och Restaurang Skola culinary school in Örebro, Sweden. He traveled around Europe, apprenticing with internationally acclaimed chefs like Werner Vögeli and Marcus Samuelsson. He came to the US with Marcus and had the good fortune to cook alongside culinary masters such as Thomas Keller and the late Charlie Trotter. 


Chef Frölander continues to draw inspiration from his experiences growing up in Sweden and working with his mentors all over the world. Through the years, he's developed his own refined style that retains that feeling of home. He likes to let the ingredients speak for themselves with classic culinary techniques and his own personal flare. Growing up with an abundance of wild game, berries and mushrooms around him, and proximity to fresh water lakes and the sea, his favorite ingredients inevitably come straight from the woods or ocean.


Wherever he is, he's happiest when he can put a smile on your face and food in your belly. 


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